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Microsoft® Excel WorkShop

River North - 300 N LASALLE ST, CHICAGO, IL

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Full-Day Workshop $249.99

Excel Training

We offer Microsoft® Excel classes, location training, VBA, spreadsheet services and automation  in the Chicago area.

Class Size

We offer one-on-one or small group sessions. Larger groups could be accommodated per request. We offer unique efficient learning experience from professional Excel users and developers.

Professional Instructors

We believe that it’s important to have real world experience using applications we teach. Our instructors are well regarded for their knowledge of the software, patience, clarity of instructions & passion for the subject matter.

All Levels

Students of all levels of knowledge are welcome: novice to advanced.


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Excel Training by Professionals

One-on-One training, tutoring sessions and pre-designed classes in the Chicago area. Our tutors are working professionals with real-life day to day experience in the field they teach. Skip the nonsense and learn what you need in working environment. We train you to be fit for the  job and not to merely complete the course.


    At your office, home, conference room.. you name it. Training at your location, at your convenience.

  • Not Just Teachers

    Training is held by a professional with real world experience.

  • Learn What You Want at Your Own Pace

    All tutoring sessions can and will be catered to your particular needs. Tell us what specifically you want to learn and you will learn just that or we will use our redesigned programs to provide you with best knowledge base possible.


Things you were spending weeks to get done will now be complete within minutes. Automate your Microsoft® Excel workflow and speed up your spreadsheet tasks. In addition connect with external data sources, APIs and World Wide Web. Possibilities are endless!


    We can automate very complex tasks. Those repetitive tasks that you had to do before you now don’t have to. We are here to make your life easy and get things done fast.


    Things you were spending weeks to get done will now be complete within minutes. Think of the savings you were missing all these years!

  • API, WWW and Other Data Sources

    Not only we automate computer tasks, we connect with other data sources, APIs and World Wide Web. Connect your work with live data sources and be on a different level. Possibilities are endless!

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