Mastering Excel

Excel Training Session

Hands-on, Instructor Led

This workshop is led by an Excel Power User/Excel VBA Developer/Data Driven Application Developer.

This WorkShop is Best Suited…

  • for those who want to take their Microsoft Excel skills to the next level.
  • for those who have basic or intermediate Excel skills.
  • for those with advanced skills who want to further improve their productivity.

If you have never opened the software before this workshop is not for you.

About The Session

  • Software Used – Microsoft Excel 365.
  • Hands-On – yes.
  • Manuals – we don’t provide manuals. You are welcome to take the work files with you which will serve as an excellent refresher.
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Chicago, IL

Small Group WorkShop Business Data Analysis Learn Pivot Tables IF, SUMPRODUCT VLOOKUP Excel Beyond Basics Must-Know Shortcuts INDEX, MATCH Session led by .. Excel VBA Developer

  • Mastering Excel
    - Intermediate

    • Shortcuts for Managing Large Datasets
    • SUBTOTAL, Filters
    • Merge Data with Lookup Functions
    • Error Handling
    • Named Ranges
    • Pivot Tables
  • Mastering Excel
    - Advanced

    • Logical Test
    • IF Function
    • AND OR Functions
    • SUMIF Function
    • Merge Data with INDEX, MATCH Functions
    • Text Manipulation
    • Cleaning Data
    • Table Objects


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    Excel Training Session

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    Excel Training Session

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